March 29 2014 – Walnut Creek – Joe Pool Lake

45 degrees on a Saturday morning.  I waiting till around 1pm to go out to the lake when it was in the low 70s.  The water temp was 67 degrees.  Water was still stained from the previous rain.

Met two guys at the launch in a canoe looking for the creek.  I gave them directions and went on my way.  Didn’t find any crappie near any of my favorite spots.  I did catch one white bass on a road runner in open water.  I saw something chasing shad, so I just cast in the general direction.

I missed a small bass on a plastic craw, and caught another bass with the same craw.  It was sitting in front of a tree in around three feet of water.

I’m going to bring some cut shad and possibly worms the next time I come back out here.  Not having much luck with jigs.

February 6, 2013 – Walnut Creek at Joe Pool Lake.

I tried a little fishing in January, but realized that I did not know what i was doing in the cold weather.  I spent more time being cold than catching fish.  I did catch a white bass on Jan 10, which is the first fish of 2013.

Today started out foggy, light rain around 62 degrees.  Water temp started at 58 degrees and finished the day at 63 degrees.  Water in the creek is starting to rise, but still needs a lot more rain.

I jigged all my crappie spots and casted in locations where I’d previously caught white bass and only managed one bass for the day.  The fog cleared and it was partly cloudy, so I had a good time.

December 13, 2012 – Walnut Creek

Water temps 52 degrees.  I caught a few bass and white bass early and decided to paddle up the creek to see what was there.  Most of the water was 6 – 10 feet deep.  I did find two spots where the water was 12 feet at one spot and 14 feet in another.  I didn’t see any fish jumping or chasing shad.

I paddled all the way to 360, but I could not go under the bridge due to low water.  I turned around and went back to a spot that normally holds white bass.  I fished it for awhile and caught around eight.

Started to head towards the car and threw the road runner next to a few stumps.  A big ol bass was sitting there and grabbed it.  Good day overall.