April 19, 2012 – Joe Pool Lake – Loyd Park

Stopped by walnut creek to see if the fish were biting.  The water was dirty again and the fish were not biting at all.  I only caught one small crappie in walnut creek.  Went to Bowman creek and caught another small crappie and a two pound bass.  The bass’s head appeared to be too large for its body, so I guess this is a male that has been sitting on the bed.

All fish were caught on a small road runner.




April 10, 2012 – Joe Pool Lake. Loyd Park

Went to loyd park around 2pm. Water temp was 75 degrees in walnut creek.  Water was a little stained, and the flooding had receded.  The banks were visible and bluegills were all up and down the tree lines.  I caught several bluegills using my fly rod with a small popper.

I caught a big crappie while jigging some structure found by my fish finder.  It had a large cut on the top of it’s head, so I let it go.  I didn’t find any bass in the creek at all.  I headed toward a brush pile in open water and caught a small bass while trolling a crank bait.  I got another fish on with a road runner, but it got off.  It was too late to continue fishing the brush pile.  I’ll try it again later.   The wind had dropped to practically nothing, but It was starting to get dark.