March 28, 2015 – Walnut Creek – Joe Pool Lake

Windy, dirty water, but warm.  Water temps were 65-70 degrees.  Water level is 3ft higher than it was this time last year.  The recent rains and wind have kept the water a muddy brown color.  This usually means the fishing will not be good.  I was correct.

Threw the spinner bait around and found nothing.  Jigged my normal areas with no luck.  The only fish of the day was caught jigging up close to the bank near a stump.  It was a small fish, but anything is better than nothing.

It was a good day to paddle, not to hot at all.  Saw several kayaks in the creek and a few fishing.  No one appeared to be catching anything.  I met one bank fisherman who caught four white bass with minnows.

It may be a few more weeks before the fish get in the creek.

First fish of 2015.