November 16, 2011 – Joe Pool

Two days in a row!!!!  High winds meant I’d have to go to the creek.  The bass have moved back in the creeks, and the crappie were still there as well. 

I kept catching small bass in my normal crappie spots.  Moved around and found yet another set of limbs that had a big crappie sitting next to it.  I was using my 11 foot crappie pole (which I’m still learing to use) and that big one got away.  I’m still trying to figure out how to set the hook with that pole.  All the normal spots held crappie.

I caught a few bluegills on my fly rod, but stopped trying to catch them after about ten minutes.

Saw three guys in a small pontoon boat going up and down the creek.  They said they were catching a bunch of small ones.  I decided to leave around 4pm so I wouldn’t get caught in the dark again.  Good thing I did, the wind was blowing around 15 mph from the north.  I had to paddle around 60 yards through it to get back in the protected cove where I launched.

Watched another few hours on filleting crappie with an electric knife on youtube.  I picked up the Mister Twister electric knife at basspro the previous weekend.  It takes me around thirty seconds per fish, which is a major improvement.




November 15 – Joe Pool Lake

Another late trip due to wind and cool temps.  I couldn’t remember why I took today off over a month ago, so I decided to go for a paddle up the creek.  Too windy to try the trees in the middle of the lake.  I found crappie all up and down the creek using road runners.  Saw another yakker in the creek, but I did not get his name. 

I found another stump that I normally pass that had two big ones and a few small ones.  I’m starting to understand where these crappie hang out. 

On a sad note, I lost my little $5 dehooker that has saved so many road runners.  I’ll replace it, and remove the flimsy string that came with it and use a larger piece of small rope I have left over from the anchor trolley I made. 

Got a nice picture of the sunset while I was leaving.



November 8, 2011 – Joe Pool Lake

I have not been fishing for over a week, and today was my only day I could go before working the weekend.  I had to wait until around noon due to a line of thunderstorms passing through.  A bunch of white bass were sitting at the mouth of the creek, and I kept two of the larger ones. 

Moved on up the creek to check my normal spots for crappie.  Found a bunch of small ones in my best spots.  Pulled in a big one near a bunch of branches sticking up out of the water.  I usually pass by this spot, but decided to try it today.  Got a few more small ones from there and moved on. 

Went to the “spot” and pulled in two more big ones followed by a bunch of little ones.  It was dark before I knew it, but I had a good time.

I spent a few hours watching youtube videos on filleting, and I think I’ve got the hang of it.  Takes me about three minutes to get one done.