SMALL Crappie at Joe Pool – Sept 19 2020

If you want a bunch of small crappie, I know where to find them. Caught a bunch for most of the day. Started off the day by losing my rudder on my coosa FD. I started pedaling from the bank, but noticed I could not turn. Paddled back to the shore and the rudder was gone. I just put it on before I got in the water. It was nowhere to be found. Ordered replacement on Saturday afternoon. It arrived Wednesday.

Most crappie were shallow (8ft) sitting close to structure. I had to jig really close to the structure to get a bite. I caught two in a row in the middle of the creek, but got hung up on the tree they were sitting next to. I think I spooked them when I went to get my lure out of the tree.

I sacrificed a spinner bait to the creek gods due to a horrible backlash on my baitcast rod. I just cut the line and stopped fishing with it. A small silver crankbait caught a small crappie, but missed a larger on sitting near that tree that I snagged on.

Early Fall Crappie Fishing

First time out fishing in a long time. Family issues had me tied up on the weekends. I’ve upgraded the kayak to the Jackson Coosa FD. That’s the pedal kayak. Gets around 2.5 MPH without much effort.

I caught two large shad and four small ones from the bank. I cut small pieces of shad and put it on a road runner. I then put the rod in a holder and moved around the shallows near the stumps. I also jigged down near a few stumps to catch fish.

I also caught some on a spinner bait also. I’m planning to put two rod holders on and pedal around the shallows looking for fish.