Update – Motorcycle Accident

I was rear ended on my bike by an 18-wheeler on June 11, so I haven’t been out fishing too much.  I was wearing my helmet, so I didn’t get totally messed up.  I’m fully recovered now, so I can get back out to the lakes.

Cool weather means the crappie will be back in the stumps, so I’m going out to try and catch a few.

February 6, 2013 – Walnut Creek at Joe Pool Lake.

I tried a little fishing in January, but realized that I did not know what i was doing in the cold weather.  I spent more time being cold than catching fish.  I did catch a white bass on Jan 10, which is the first fish of 2013.

Today started out foggy, light rain around 62 degrees.  Water temp started at 58 degrees and finished the day at 63 degrees.  Water in the creek is starting to rise, but still needs a lot more rain.

I jigged all my crappie spots and casted in locations where I’d previously caught white bass and only managed one bass for the day.  The fog cleared and it was partly cloudy, so I had a good time.

July 17 2012 – Purtis Creek State Park

Took my fly rods out to the lake to see what’s there.  I’ve never fished here, so I just wanted to paddle around and see where everything is.  The two coves right off the boat ramp are pretty shallow (around three feet deep).  I didn’t see any fish jumping anywhere, so I paddled to the opposite side of the lake.  Caught one small bluegill on a popper, but nothing else.

There are lots of trees on this small lake, which should hold some fish.  I’ll go back with my spinning rods later to see what I can pickup.  The lake is no-wake, so I didn’t have to worry about bass boats or jet skis.