June 30 2011 – Loyd Park

Went to the creek on the north end of the park, I think it is called Bowman creek.  All of today’s fish were caught on my fly rod.  Bluegills, and greenies.  Found a tree just past the entrance that had a few fish sitting under it. Missed several fish along the banks that had big rock drop offs.

Missed two nice fish near a set of overhanging rocks near the bridge at webb-britton road. Couldn’t go past the bridge because the water was too shallow as you approached the bridge.  Large rocks were also blocking my path.

Lots of shade as I approached the bridge, so I didn’t get too hot.

There’s about a 200 yard walk from the parking lot to the lake, so I got to use my kayak cart for the first time.  Wheeled it down to the water and got right in.


June 29, 2011 – Joe Pool

Fishing was SLOW today. Even the bluegills were not biting the way they normally do.  Worked the tree line in Walnut creek looking for gills again.  Popper was only getting a few hits, so I threw on a small white spider.  Only caught one with that, so I tried the black wooly bugger.  Got a few more, but it took forever.

Caught two more cats on the bugger.  They were in the same area as the bluegills.  Of course the first one stuck me, even though I had on the high tech orange glove.  The mudcat was pretty big, so I had to use the net on him. (Found out my aluminum net floats.)  Tried the chartreuse bugger, but only got on bluegill with it.

Heard something pop up behind me, so I grabbed my spinning reel with the road runner and threw it towards the noise.  Got a nice bass.

Caught 10 panfish, 2 bass, and 2 catfish.