June 30 2011 – Loyd Park

Went to the creek on the north end of the park, I think it is called Bowman creek.  All of today’s fish were caught on my fly rod.  Bluegills, and greenies.  Found a tree just past the entrance that had a few fish sitting under it. Missed several fish along the banks that had big rock drop offs.

Missed two nice fish near a set of overhanging rocks near the bridge at webb-britton road. Couldn’t go past the bridge because the water was too shallow as you approached the bridge.  Large rocks were also blocking my path.

Lots of shade as I approached the bridge, so I didn’t get too hot.

There’s about a 200 yard walk from the parking lot to the lake, so I got to use my kayak cart for the first time.  Wheeled it down to the water and got right in.


3 thoughts on “June 30 2011 – Loyd Park

  1. I saw your blog in the signature section of your TFF acount and hopped over here for the first time today. I looks like you’re getting lots of time on the water and are catching plenty of fish! Your posts are great; consice yet informative. Huffines Park is a country mile from my house. I usually fish Duck Creek down by Jupiter road. There’s some good greenies in there. Keep up the good work on the blog.


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