April 16 2022 – Joe Pool Creek fishing.

Low water levels at the lake made it hard for bass boats to get back to the creek. I only saw one, and three yaks. I found crappie and one bass near brush that had fallen into the creek.

I pulled up close to the brush used a road runner to “slow roll” over the top of the brush and on the sides. Cast, reel in slow and let the jig sink. After this I went over to the brush and tried some vertical jigging. (Did not work.)

I caught several small crappie, a small bass, and one 14″ crappie. All on a 1/16th ounce road runner. White body with chartruese tail. Water temp in the creek was 72 degrees.

March 16, 2021 – Pond Bass on the FLY

Checking my local pond with the 5/6 wt fly rod from cabelas. I found a few small bass and several bluegills. All fish caught on a white popper. See intro in video for details on equipment.

Caught five bass all sitting next to weeds around the pond. I also found several bluegill in about a foot of water at the shallow end of the pond.

June 6 and 11, 2020 – Catfish at Joe Pool

Took out the Jackson Coosa FD to Joe Pool. The pedal kayak can go around 4 mph while pedaling without much effort. This should allow me to get out to the bridge more often. I also did not have to use my anchor as much, since I was able to use the pedals to position myself.

Tried the whopper plopper in the morning, but did not find any bass. Fan casting the road runner did not find any crappie.

Catfish appear to be still spawning. I only found a few using the sonar. I was able to catch a few using Secret 7 catfish bait.