April 30, 2015 – Lake Fork

Wind forecast was low for Thursday, so I decided to go out to Lake Fork for the first time.  It’s a one hour and 20 minute drive, but what else did I have to do today?

I checked a shallow cove near the boat ramp, but did not find anything. Ran the hummingbird 598ci SI by the rocks near the 515 bridge, but didn’t see anything interesting.  Started to scan the bridge, but the waves were a little rough, even with low wind.  I started paddling away from the bridge, and noticed some brush in open water around 18 feet.

I dropped in a road runner and felt the familiar tap tap of a bluegill.  I tied up to a nearby branch and dropped down some worms.  I only got a bite once I dropped the worm all the way down to the bottom.  I caught bluegills, drum, yellow perch, greenies, rock bass and catfish all from this one spot.

No crappie or bass from this location.  I had something break my small #6 hook, I assume it was a large cat. I stayed on this spot for around two hours catching fish.