May 24, 2013 – Pond Hopping.

Stopped by Cedar Hill state park with my son to do some bank fishing.  The fish were not biting in our normal spots opposite the marina.  We went over to the perch pond and found a ton of small bluegills.

My son was throwing a plastic frog near an area of the pond covered with grass.  He said there was a large frog close to where he was casting.  We saw a large bullfrog pop up it’s head just above the water and take a look at the plastic frog.  It disappeared under the water, and then came up and grabbed the frog my son threw out.  I never knew frogs ate frogs.

Headed over to Lancaster Park after that.  I caught a few bluegill on my fly rod, and a bass on a plastic worm.  My son caught a bass on that same worm.

May 16 , 2013 – Walnut Creek.

Hit the water around 11am.  Temp was 73, water temps were 72-74.  It was a little too cool to go out around sunrise, so I went later in the day.   The bite was slow for everything except the bluegills.  The bluegills can be found near any tree lines lining the creeks.  Caught several small gills with the flyrod.

I did find two crappie with a small silver crankbait. One was just over 10 inches, but had a chunk of meat taken out, so I put it back. The other one was just over nine inches.

I found one bass near a dropoff in the creek using a road runner. I think it was chasing minnows to the top and then diving back down.

I found another bass using the fly rod and a popper while throwing close the bank. The bass hit the popper as soon as it hit the water.

I didn’t get any cats today on the wooly bugger. I tried a drop shot with a small plastic worm, but didn’t get any bites.