July 22 2012 – Joe Pool – Loyd Park – Walnut Creek

Wife says I can do whatever I want, but be home by 1pm.  I picked up a lowrance Elite 4 from Basspro yesterday, so I decided to run the yak out to joe pool.  The main lake had a strong south wind blowing, so I paddled over to walnut creek.

The lowrance has gps and reads a navionics chip, so I played around with the settings. The gps showed my position as I entered the creek. It showed tons of minnows in the creek, which is probably why it is so hard to catch something using a lure.

I caught three bass while floating around messing with the lowrance.  One on a road runner, one on a spinner bait, and one on a crank bait that had a bluegill pattern on it.




July 17 2012 – Purtis Creek State Park

Took my fly rods out to the lake to see what’s there.  I’ve never fished here, so I just wanted to paddle around and see where everything is.  The two coves right off the boat ramp are pretty shallow (around three feet deep).  I didn’t see any fish jumping anywhere, so I paddled to the opposite side of the lake.  Caught one small bluegill on a popper, but nothing else.

There are lots of trees on this small lake, which should hold some fish.  I’ll go back with my spinning rods later to see what I can pickup.  The lake is no-wake, so I didn’t have to worry about bass boats or jet skis.




July 16, 2012 – Joe Pool – Loyd Park – Walnut Creek

Another slow day at the pool.  Recent rains made the water a little stained.  Minnows are everywhere, and it’s hard to get anything to bite a lure.

I threw the white clouser around on my fly rod and caught a bluegill, a greenie, and a small bass.




Caught another bass on a road runner, and a few bluegills on a popper.  It was cloudy all day, so I did not get too hot.