November 28, 2012 – Walnut Creek

Water temps at 56 degrees. (replaced the fuse)  Wind was not too high, so planned to go out on the lake and check a few stumps.  I made a small adjustment on my fish finder, and the wind picked up out of nowhere.  Off to the creek I went.

I had to paddle further up the creek to find any fish.  Small crappie and a few small bass.  I did find one spot with a bunch of white bass.  Eight keepers out of the twenty I caught at that one location.  Caught everything on small jigs.  Cast it out, slow roll it back in.

It will be windy tomorrow, but I need to paddle way up the creek to see if the crappie are there.

November 24, 2012 – Walnut Creek

40 degrees.  No water temps.  My FF would not come on. I know the battery is charged, so I checked all cables and it would not come on.  Found out later it was the fuse.

Met two TFF members (fishR2099 and fishingpreacher) at walnut creek.  I didn’t want to fish the shallow area near the launch point, so I went ahead to the creek. Couldn’t find any decent sized crappie.

White bass were in the places I normally catch crappie.  I even caught a white bass jigging near a stump.  No fish at the SSL.  Found several small crappie sitting next to a tree that had fallen over near the bank.

November 20, 2012 – Walnut Creek

Got off to a late start, so I did not bring my fish finder and anchor.  Got to the lake and the wind was super low.  Didn’t want to go out on the lake without the GPS/fish finder, so I went back to the creek.

Started off getting my line tangled and I had to break it and reload the line. I got so flustered that I just dropped my pole in the creek while I untangled everything.  The float I have attached to my poles made it sit upright in the water.  Probably the best pic of the day.

Crappie bite was next to nothing.  Caught one small one.  Two more white bass. While heading back to the car I flipped a jig next to a stick and got a nice bass.  It was sitting in three feet of water.  Go figure….