May 16 2012 – Joe Pool Lake – Loyd Park

Winds were super low today, so I went out to the lake to fish open water.  I caught two small bass near the brush pile.  One on a swim bait and one on a spinner bait.  Didn’t find anything else there.

I paddled all the way to the bridge, and realized I didn’t know how to fish bridge pilings, so I just looked around using my fish finder.  Didn’t fish too much more, just enjoyed paddling around the whole lake.




May 9 2012 – Joe Pool Lake – Walnut Creek

The high winds have kept me out of the yak for the last few weeks.  The winds were high today, but coming out of the North for a change.  That meant the cove I launch from would be protected on the trip back.  The water was dirty again after the rain the other day.  I didn’t expect to catch much.

My black woolly bugger  was still on my fly rod from the last trip, so I threw it a few times.  Caught a small catfish on the second cast.  I didn’t catch anything else on the fly rod using the popper.  The spinner bait, road runner, and texas rigged worm all drew a blank.

I put on a white smim bait and hooked a nice bass in open water.  I got it all the way to the boat, reached for my net, and it threw the bait and swam away.  Something splashed near a tree to the right of me, so I threw that swimbait over there and something hit it just as it hit the water.  Turns out it was another catfish just a little bigger than the previous one.

Water temp was around 75 degrees in the creek.  I decided to leave around 3pm, since the water was dirty.