April 26, 203 – Walnut Creek

Water temps were 65-67 degrees.  Water has cleared up a little since we’ve had a few days of 75+ degree weather.  The bluegills are still sitting along the tree lines, so I pulled a few in with the popper on the fly rod.

I figured out how to detect those light bites on the wolly bugger.  I cut a small foam float in half, and used it as a strike indicator.  I was expecting to catch another catfish, but the first cast found a crappie sitting up close to the bank.  The float just barely moved, so I did a hard strip and lifted the rod.  Just over ten inches, but I let it go.

I thought I had a pretty big one on, but it turned out to be another small catfish. I think I’ll tie a larger bugger to see if I can catch some larger catfish.

Since the water was clear, I thought I’d throw the road runner. I pulled in two more crappie, which were also just above ten inches. They were also released.

April 21 -22 2013 – Walnut Creek

Water temps were 65 degrees.  Overcast on Sunday and partly cloudy on Monday.  Water is still stained from the rains, so fish are hard to find.  The bluegills have moved into the tree lines down the creek.  I caught several of them on a fly rod with a small popper.

I only caught one small bass near some floating wood. Nothing else would hit the road runner in the muddy water.  I tied on a black  wooly bugger to my flyrod and noticed I was getting small nibbles.  I set the hook on one and pulled in a small channel cat.  I caught a few last year on a bugger, but didn’t notice a pattern.  I threw the bugger around and pulled in another channel cat.