August 17, 2011 – Joe Pool Lake – Loyd Park – Bowman Creek

The wind was supposed to be higher than normal, so I decided to go to the north end of the park.  Decided to take my fly rod only, to cut down on some of the stuff I would have to carry out.  The little green sunfish were everywhere in the creek.  Most were near trees close to the bank.  Found a nice bass on the shady side of one of those overhanging trees, and another nice bass on a shady bank.


I saw the biggest GD snake I’d ever seen while fishing.  I was at least 6 feet long and appears to have been eating very well.  I watched it crawling along the bank and started wondering what it was eating over there.  I noticed something large and green on the bank, sitting in the exposed roots of some of the trees.

I took a closer look and noticed it was a huge frog just sitting there.  Look at the top of the picture, just to the left.  I thought it was a kid’s toy, but it started moving around.  The snake passed above it and just kept going.


August 15, 2011 – Joe Pool Lake – Loyd Park.

 Wind was not blowing at all when I put in just after 7:30.  Decided to go looking for the brush pile that is supposed to be near Loyd point.  I didn’t find it on my graph, but I did find some exposed logs that were in about 5 feet of water. Marked that on my gps so I can go back to it when the water is higher.  Wind started blowing so I headed over to the creek.

The weekend rain did not do anything for the creek.  It’s still getting lower.

Got several gills on the popper, and one bass on a white road runner.  I chased a few carp in the shallows, but none of them would bite.