October 28 2012 – Joe Pool Loyd Park.

Another 45 degree start around 9am. Water temps were right at 60 degrees.  The wind was light, so I decided to check the brush pile and the trees behind it.  Nothing after an hour.  Headed to walnut creek to look for crappie.  As I headed towards the creek I noticed a man in small boat with orange hat near the brush pile.  He got stuck in the pile and had to use a paddle to push himself out.  He got out, so I continued on to the creek.

Two men in another small boat at the mouth of the creek tossing minnows attached to a bobber.  I started checking my normal stumps and a small bass boat appears.  Not wanting to share all my spots, I paddled down to the SSL, which is about 15 feet right now.  It was loaded with crappie.

I only caught three jigging next to stumps, but I got over thirty to hit various road runners in open water.  I even put on a black/pink maribou road runner that I picked up from Academy for 88 cents.  Got three nice ones with it.  All I was doing was casting out, and then slow rolling back.  Took home 13 keepers. All the runts were released. Water temps got up to 64 before I left the creek.

October 27 2012 – Walnut Creek.

45 degrees with water temps right above 70.  I only had a few hours to fish before the 2pm SMU football game.  Water is clearing up, but I couldn’t find a bite anywhere.  I didn’t have a lot of time, so I checked a few stumps that normally hold fish, but did’t find anything.

I found two small bass on the shallow side of the creek near a bunch of stumps. I was on my way out and saw a bunch of arches on my FF. Dropped in the road runner and pulled out a nice crappie. I had to go, so I couldn’t search for any more.

Crappie was 13 inches. Wish I could find more.

October 18 2012 – Walnut Creek

Water temps in the creek at 70 degrees.  Water is still stained from the rain.  I caught a few shad, so I could try to catch some catfish.  Just tried laying some cut shad on the bottom.  I didn’t get any bites, but something kept pulling the shad off the hook.  I think it was a turtle.

Found a few crappie jigging stumps, but they were all under 10 inches, so I let them go.  The fishing was slow all day.  Nothing hit the spinner bait, and a few bass and one white bass hit the road runner.