September 24 2016 – Rain at Joe Pool.

Not much fishing done.  I caught a big crappie jigging stumps.  Then the weather changed on me.  Clouds moved in quickly, and rain poured down.  I got soaked and had to tie the yak to the trailer and move around to the parking area until the rain stopped.

I was prepared to leave at 11am, but after checking the radar and seeing that it was clear I decided to stay another hour.  Fifteen minutes later the clouds and rain moved in.  I don’t know where it came from.  If I would have started to leave five minutes earlier, I could have made it to the car without getting wet.

September 13 2016 – Lake Fork

Tossed the cast net around and caught an eight to ten inch shad.  Used it for cut bait.

Jigged a few stumps and logs and did not find any crappie.  I pulled into a cove and threw a weightless senko close to the shore.  Got a small bass to bite.  The senko was gone, so I put on another one.  Jigged a small stump on my way out of the cove and got another bass to bite.  This was in around four feet of water.

I missed a large bass while jigging a tree in 35 feet of water.  I couldn’t figure out how to get the fish to bite at that depth.  I’ll try again later.

Got a few small catfish on the secret7,  and three keepers once I changed locations.  The wind picked up around 5pm and blew me off the lake.  The waves were just too high.

September 3 2016 – Big Bass at Joe Pool

Caught a 6lb 11oz bass back in the creek while jigging for crappie.  The bite for most of the day was totally off.  The only other thing I caught was a small bluegill.

I caught the fish on a 1/8oz road runner using the new Field & Stream combo I got from Dick’s sporting goods.  The tip does not have a lot of flex in it, so it is easier to set the hook.