March 30, 2012 Joe Pool Lake

Tried one of the brush piles at Loyd park.  Caught a small white bass on the second cast.  The wind kept pushing me off the pile and I broke my cord I was using for an anchor trolley.

I moved over to the point next to the entrance to walnut creek and found some white bass chasing shad.  I caught three with a small white/black crank bait.  It was taking me way too long to remove the treble hooks, so I decided to remove the hook that sits under the belly of the bait.  I did’t hear or see any more action after that.

I didn’t find any crappie in the creek, just a few bass.  The water temp was 70 degrees, and the water was a little  stained, but not muddy like it was last week.






March 27 2012- Lancaster Park

Spent the day doing yard work, so I had around an hour to fish. Bluegills are moving into shallow water and hitting bugs on the water. I could not find my small fly box, so I could not take my fly rod. Took my spinner bait did a lap around the pond. Grass was everywhere, so I had to keep cleaning it off my spinner. Some guy was on the bridge with a bunch of people and six poles, so I just skipped it all and kept going around.

I found one bass back where I started. I’ll be back with the fly rod some time this weekend.


March 26, 2012 Joe Pool Lake

Met a few TFF users at Brittan Park.  I’d never been there before and just wanted to look around.  It was warm enough for shorts and the water temp was 66 degrees.  Water was muddy, so I didn’t expect to catch anything.  Paddled up the creek just to see what was there.  There are two bridges leading up to the creek which should hold fish when it warms up.  There are also long tree lines which will hold bluegills for the fly rod.  There were also two twenty foot holes which will should have some catfish later. I didn’t catch anything while I was there, but now I know where the place is.

I went to Loyd park around 3pm and hit bowman creek near the boat ramp.  The water was muddy there also, but the water temp was 74 degrees.  I found a few crappie sitting near some trees, but they were all small.  I missed a bass on a spinner bait further up the creek.  Got it about a foot away from my yak when it shook the bait out.