October 29, 2011 Joe Pool

Took a short trip out to loyd park around noon. Temp at sunrise was just above 40 degrees, and there was NO WAY I was going out in that.  Temp was around 60 when I put in and the water temps were around 65.  Too much wind blowing to go out on the lake so I paddled back to Walnut Creek.

As I was leaving I saw another guy in a yak coming out with eight huge crappies.  I was hoping he had not found the spot I located back in the creek.  Unfortunately he did, and he told me right where he caught them.  I could only hope  a few of the big ones were still back there.  I caught several undersized crappie and a few bass while jigging around with a road runner.

Got back to the spot and pulled out one just above 10 inches, and two huge 13 inchers.  Caught a few more small ones before calling it a day.


October 20, 2011 Joe Pool Lake

I woke up to 45 degree temps, but no wind.  I decided to wait until it warmed up before I went out.  Temp went up to 60 around 10am, so I headed out to the lake.  Water temp was around 67 degrees.  There was a slight wind, so I decided to go into the creek.

I caught a large white bass at the entrance to the creek while trolling a crankbait.   I couldn’t find any bass or bluegills in any of my normal spots, so I started jigging a road runner around stumps.  Caught one small bass and a whole s#$t load of crappie in 11 ft of water.  The water was still a little brown, but the crappie were everywhere.  I pulled eight from one spot.

Three of the crappie were decent size, but all the rest were small.  Caught another bass trolling the crankbait , and one catfish on a rooster tail.

Totals:  36 crappie   2 bass   1 catfish


October 16, 2011 – Joe Pool Lake

Another quick trip to walnut creek.  Winds were high, so I did not go out to open water.  Temps were in the low 80s and water temp was around 69 degrees.  The water in the creek was still “dirty”, so I only got one bass.  Found a bunch a crappie sitting near stumps.  I caught some jigging a road runner near the stumps, and caught a few by casting the road runner out and slow reeling it back in.

I saw four other kayak fisherman headed deeper in the creek, followed by five other kayakers just paddling the trail to 360.   Headed home around 2pm so I could catch the cowboys.