December 12, 2012 – Walnut Creek

Got to the creek at 11am.  Water temps at 54 degrees.  Not too cold and the wind was ok.  The only fish I caught today were white bass.  Didn’t find a bass or crappie anywhere.  I didn’t see any boats, yaks, or bank fisherman today, but there was a red truck sitting at the place where I launched when I got back.   It had a Hobie sticker on the back window, so I guess it was another yak.

The white bass were chasing minnows, but I couldn’t get them to hit my road runner, crank bait, or rattle trap.  I moved to another spot and caught a few casting out the road runner.  I took a video of one of the catches, but I’ll have to figure out how to get it posted somewhere.

December 8, 2012 -Walnut Creek.

S – L – O -W

Water temps were at 58 degrees. Very low winds in the creek. No fish found at any of my normal spots.  Stumps and brush didn’t turn up any fish.  Caught three bass and one white bass the whole day.

I noticed the wind was low as I was headed back to my car, so I went for a paddle across the lake.  I trolled the white crankbait, but didn’t catch anything.  Of course the wind changed directions when I got to the other side, so I had to paddle back against the wind.

November 28, 2012 – Walnut Creek

Water temps at 56 degrees. (replaced the fuse)  Wind was not too high, so planned to go out on the lake and check a few stumps.  I made a small adjustment on my fish finder, and the wind picked up out of nowhere.  Off to the creek I went.

I had to paddle further up the creek to find any fish.  Small crappie and a few small bass.  I did find one spot with a bunch of white bass.  Eight keepers out of the twenty I caught at that one location.  Caught everything on small jigs.  Cast it out, slow roll it back in.

It will be windy tomorrow, but I need to paddle way up the creek to see if the crappie are there.