May 13, 2019 – Lake Fork Catfish.

Bluegills and catfish out at lake fork. Joe Pool is 7.5 feet over pool, which means most of the launch areas are closed.

Lake Fork is 1 foot high, and the fish are shallow. I tried jigging for crappie and chasing cats on the brushpiles. Nothing worked until I went shallow (4ft) looking for bluegills.

Using Secret 7 catfish bait and (real) worms.

May 4, 2019 – Joe Pool Lake.

Two straight weeks of rain has Joe Pool almost 3ft high. The kayak launch was closed due to flooding, so I had to paddle a quarter mile to get to the creek.

The water on the lake and in the creek was a light brown color. This usually means only the catfish will bite. I threw the spinner bait, and a few plastic craws, but did not find any bass. (I didn’t bother trying for crappie.)

I anchored up near a bank and threw the secret 7 in water that was 8 feet deep. Caught a few cats. I went back to mono line on my catfish pole. The string that I use as a bobber stop was becoming to difficult to move with braided line. I prefer the bobber with catfishing.