April 7 2012 – Huffines Park

Stopped by Huffines before going in to work.  That blue goo they put in last year has made the water so clear, you can see all the way to the bottom.  The greenies were hiding in the patches of grass and moss near the bank.  They hit my small white popper and the small yellow popper.  Tried a small bugger, but they just looked at it. 



April 2, 2012 – Lancaster Park

Went back to the park with my fly rod and found more gills, and a few bass.  Most of the fish were caught less than ten feet from the bank.  The gills were hitting the popper hard, but the bass just grabbed it and pulled it down.  There was a strong south wind, so I was only able to fish the south end of the pond.

I caught a greenie on the east side, but it took too long to get the hook out and I did not get a picture.