August 1, 2011 – Joe Pool Lake – Walnut Creek

NO WIND!!!!!  For the first time in forever there was no wind when I hit the lake at 7am.  I went across the lake to the far bank to see what I could find.  Only got one bite on my fly rod, but no fish.  My fish finder was not showing any fish or any bait, so I left after about 30 minutes and headed for the creek.

My path to the creek is officially gone.  I had to get out of my yak and walk about ten yards because the water was so low.  There were alot of greenies hitting my fly rod early before I even made it to the tree line.  They were sitting near stumps close to the shoreline.

Caught one small bass on a small white popper with the fly rod.  Nothing was biting the wooly bugger today.

Got one crappie on a small black/yellow jig that is supposed to look like a minnow.  Got two white bass and one bass on the rooster tail I was playing with at the park yesterday.  The crappie and white bass were just out in the open, not next to any structure.

Ran into a TKF user who said he caught several small bass at the mouth of the creek.  Saw a father/son team in an inflatable yak with no drinking water and not wearing their life jackets.  I could just imagine them running over a stump and ripping that blow up yak apart.


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