August 31, Joe Pool Lake – Loyd Park

It’s been over a month since I got the chance to get out.  High winds and rain have kept me away.  Forecast for today said partly cloudy with 5-10mph winds.  I decided to paddle up walnut creek.  I got to the lake around 7am, right when the sun was coming up.  There was no (ZERO  0) wind.  I chased minnows around in open water, and then decided to try and find a submerged bridge my navionics chip was showing.  I missed a small bass near the bridge, and caught a small crappie next to a stump.

I caught two warmmouths at the entrance of the creek next to the bank with my fly rod.  They attacked the popper as soon as it hit the water.  Caught a few more bluegills with the popper before moving on.  Water temps were around 86, so I didn’t expect to see a lot of crappie.  I caught a small bass on a spinner bait, and another small crappie on a road runner.  Didn’t catch anything while trolling  a crankbait.

I didn’t lose any lures, and did not get my popper hung up in the trees, so it was a good day.







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