September 19, 2011 – Joe Pool Lake

Loyd Park – Temp in the low 80’s. Water temp 77-80 degrees.  Water stained due to previous rains.

My fly rod only caught two little greenies.  Nothing else wanted to hit the fly I was throwing.  I went to most of my normal spots and couldn’t get a bite.  Tried plastic worms and a silver rattle trap.  Nothing. 

Then I tied on a small white spinner bait that I bought just the other day, and found a bunch of crappie hanging out in a spot where I normally catch bass and bluegills. Water was 7-8 feet deep.  Caught 7 crappie about 15 yards from the bank all in the same general area. 

That same spinner caught two nice bass in open water, away from the bank.  I’m guessing they were chasing minnows.  I fished from about 8am to 2pm.  Had to leave so I could get to work on time. 


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