July 19, 2011 – White Rock Creek

 Put my yak in at the mockingbird bridge and went up the creek looking for bluegills.  Had to go about a quarter mile before I even got a bite.  Caught most of the fish on small grubs attached to a bobber.  Only caught three on the fly rod, one on a black bugger, one on a white bugger, and one on a black/chartreuse spider.

I threw everything in my fly box, but I couldn’t get these fish to hit it consistently.  They attacked the grub every time I threw one out. Caught 24 fish total.  I didn’t get too hot because I tied up really close to a shaded bank.

Saw another yakker who said he caught  6 bass down by the loop 12 bridge.  I was happy with the gills, so I didn’t go down that far.


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