May 19, 2019 – Lake Fork

Another trip to Fork due to high water at my lake. Found a few more catfish shallow, but not as many as last time. Using worms to locate bluegills followed by secret7 for the catfish.

I fished the shallow cove on the opposite side of the boat ramp. Cats have apparently gone to deeper water, so my next trip will be out on the lake. There is some structure in 30ft of water that is just over 100 yards away from this spot.

I did not try the bridge for crappie, since there were already five boats over there already. I threw a plastic frog around a little, but did not get any bites.

I plan on replacing my trailer with one of those “T bar” connectors that extends the truck bed. It seemed to work ok, once I figured out how to strap it down. (end of video)

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