October 18, 2015 – Wacked out at Lancaster Park.

I decided to get back into worm fishing, which was how I originally started bass fishing.  Read a lot of info on the wacky rig.  I pulled out the baitcast reel my son bought for me three years ago.  I didn’t like the small rod, so I bought a Veritas 2.0 rod for it.

Most of the videos I watched used a rubber o-ring, but I saw one video where a guy was taking small twist ties and using them on the worm.  I followed the instructions and headed out to the park to test out the new rig. I was able to cast pretty good, and got the feel for the weightless rig.

I was surprised to get a very large bass sitting close to the bank.  I was using a circle hook, so the fish was hooked right in the corner of the mouth.  The worm was sliding up the hook towards the line.  I’ll be throwing this at the lake sometime soon.




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