September 28, 2013 – Walnut Creek – Joe Pool Lake.

Made a quick run over to Joe Pool to check for crappie.  Caught a few small ones while jigging stumps.  The water had cleared up from the rain last week, but I couldn’t find a large number of fish in any one location.  Found a few small bass and bluegills where I expected to find crappie.

Water temps were 77 degrees.  Rain was forecast for the afternoon, so I planned to leave around noon.  Well at 2pm I noticed a dark cloud coming in from the west.  I was only five minutes away from my car.

Then Boom!!!  Rain started pouring down.  I had to paddle to the car while getting soaked.  I was in a small cove, so I wasn’t too worried.  As soon as I get to the shore, the rain stops. Figures…

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