November 5 2012, Walnut Creek

Water temp was a 65 degrees.  I checked my spots and found a 12 inch crappie sitting next to a stump.  I didn’t find any other fish sitting next to structure.  Caught a few small bass and crappie in open water with a road runner.

I noticed an large overhanging tree  in the creek that I normally pass.  The tree sticks out about 15 feet and has about two feet of clearance all the way back to the bank.  I pulled out the road runner and started shooting it under the overhanging branches.  Looks like the crappie liked this tree for some reason.  I pulled out over twenty fish from this one spot.  Four of them were keepers.

Saw another yak in the creek not having much luck with some sort of crank bait.  I gave him one of my road runners to try and went on my way.  I saw him later, and he said he actually caught a crappie with the road runner.

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