November 1 2012 – White Rock Lake.

Winds were low today, so I headed out to white rock.  Water temp was 70 degrees.  I had to put in past the filter station due to lack of parking for my trailer.  The boat ramp on the northwest side.   The wind was at zero, so the paddle to the dam was easy.  I caught a 12 inch crappie trolling a crank bank while I was headed toward the dam.

I fished that area for around ten minutes, but did not find any other fish.  I continued on to the dam where the water was 17 feet deep.  Fish finder showed plenty of bait swimming around, but I couldn’t get anything to bite.  Threw the spinner bait, crank bait, and road runner.  No bites.

I paddled over to the spillway and looked over to see a bunch of birds feeding.  The wall around the spillway is only around four feet deep.  Paddled back to my car and headed to the creek on the Northeast side.

Headed towards some branches sticking up in the water.  Threw my road runner and a big bass not only hit it, but broke my 6lb line.  Checked the pylons on the walking bridge and Mockingbird lane.  No bites.  Paddled up the creek tossing the road runner and spinner bait.  Went all the way to loop 12 and got…..  No bites.

Not a good day to fish, but a great day to paddle, since the winds were so low.

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