2012 Goals

Someone asked on one of the boards what my fishing goals are for 2012, so here they are. 

#1 Catch Crappie in Open Water
#2 Catch anything on a clouser/streamer fly
#3 Learn to throw a tight circle with the cast net
#4 Catch Catfish

The two times I went to open water I caught one crappie each time.  I want to be able to go out to the trees and learn to locate the crappie. 

I’ve only caught one bluegill on a small clouser.  I can now tie the clouser in various colors, so its time to catch something with them.  I’ll try for bass in the creeks in the spring.

My cast net skills are severly lacking.  I throw out an oval almost every time.  I’ll work on it so I can use the cut shad as bait for catfish.

I’ve been catching catfish accidentally on my fly rod, so now I will start trying to catch them on purpose with cut shad. 

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