July 3 2011 – No Huffines! – Bethany Lakes.

Stopped by Huffines park on my lunch break and to my surprise the water was a light blue color (first pic)  in all the ponds. Looks like they put something in to kill some of the grass/algae. I fished for about 30 minutes, but did not get a bite.  I wonder what genius decided now was a good time to do this.

Went to Bethany Lakes after work and caught a bass and a few greenies.  The bass hit a small popper, and the greenies hit a wooly bugger. I tied both the buggers with a small bead to make them sink.  All were caught in the middle pond with the large white wall.

Didn’t catch anything in the L shaped pond, and the lower pond had a few people already fishing the spot I wanted to try.


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