June 22 2011 – Joe Pool – Loyd Park

Weather report said winds would be 5-10mph, so I decided to go out to Joe Pool for a few hours before work.  Winds were super low, and it was really cloudy until around 1pm.

I was at Loyd park in walnut creek, just past the entrance.  I noticed a very large beaver swimming about 60 yards in front of me while I was going toward the creek. (You can barely see it in the picture.) I started throwing my 3/8 ounce road runner around to see what I could find.

Found a small bass sitting close to the bank behind a tree.

Then I saw a huge school of minnows passing by.  I threw into it and pulled out a very nice white bass, threw into it again a pulled out a small crappie.

Reached the tree line and started throwing a popper on my fly rod.  Got an 8 inch greenie on a popper casting between two overhanging trees.  Caught two more bass, one on a road runner and one on a swim bait.

For some reason, the channel cats were hitting the black woolly bugger I tied last night. (Black with gold flash and bead head.) Got three small ones and failed to set the hook on a big one.


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