SMALL Crappie at Joe Pool – Sept 19 2020

If you want a bunch of small crappie, I know where to find them. Caught a bunch for most of the day. Started off the day by losing my rudder on my coosa FD. I started pedaling from the bank, but noticed I could not turn. Paddled back to the shore and the rudder was gone. I just put it on before I got in the water. It was nowhere to be found. Ordered replacement on Saturday afternoon. It arrived Wednesday.

Most crappie were shallow (8ft) sitting close to structure. I had to jig really close to the structure to get a bite. I caught two in a row in the middle of the creek, but got hung up on the tree they were sitting next to. I think I spooked them when I went to get my lure out of the tree.

I sacrificed a spinner bait to the creek gods due to a horrible backlash on my baitcast rod. I just cut the line and stopped fishing with it. A small silver crankbait caught a small crappie, but missed a larger on sitting near that tree that I snagged on.

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