July 30 2016 – Joe Pool Lake – Walnut Creek.

I woke up at 4:45 am planning to drive out to lake fork and get there by sunrise. Wind forecast had changed, so I made plans to go back to walnut creek.  Got there just before sunrise and was ready to go when the sun came up.  I caught two large four inch shad sitting next to the bank.  I caught another five before leaving.

I started the morning throwing my spinner bait around and jigged several stumps with a road runner.  Only got a small tap from a bluegill next to a tree. Decided to put on a piece of cut shad on a bobber and try to locate the catfish.  Tried four different spots until I got a bite.

I was going to take a picture of that first cat, when I noticed my camera had fallen to the floor of the yak.  It was under the seat where all the water drains out.  It was dead.  I caught just over twenty fish from that spot.  I had to put up my umbrella to keep the sun off of me.

The biggest cat was four pounds, all the rest were average.

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I put a bag of ice on top of the fish in the cooler and let it sit for just over two hours.  This made the fillets come off much easier than normal.  My cuts were right next to the bones.

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