October 12 2012 – Walnut Creek

The water in the creek is still light brown.  The water temp was 70 and rose up to 74 by the end of the day.  The crappie were all tight lipped and would not hit any of my jigs.  I did catch one while throwing a spinner bait looking for bass.

I caught some shad before I launched, so I decided to put a piece of shad on the road runner hook.  That’s when I started catching them.  There were only 1 – 2 fish at each stump.  It was nothing like Monday where I got 10+ bites at each stump.  I guess the two degree change in temperature makes a difference.

I was trolling my jig while moving between stumps when my pole bent down. I grabbed my net and pulled this big boy in. The jig had a piece of shad on the hook also.

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