September 28 2012 – Joe Pool – Loyd Park

Went to Loyd Park just after 9am.  Water temp was 79 degrees. The wind was low, so I headed for the brush pile near loyd point.  There were several bass sitting near the pile.  I missed the first one with a spinner bait.  Got it all the way to the yak and it came off.  I threw in the road runner and pulled in three more.

I was feeling cocky, so I pulled out the clouser and my fly rod.   Caught two nice bass in the same area as the other three were.  The bite at the pile died down after that.

I moved on to the trees and stumps behind the point. Found several crappie sitting near random stick ups in the water. Most were under 10 inches, but I did get one that was 12 inches and one that was 11. I got tired of catching the small ones and the wind was starting to pickup, so I headed for walnut creek.

Caught a small bass with the clouser in the creek, but couldn’t find any other bass with the spinner bait, plastic worm, or crankbaits. So…… I pulled out the road runners and started jigging for crappie. I got a bunch of 9.999999 inchers and a few just over 10. I was just jigging next to structure up and down the creek.

Here are two of the bigger crappie from today. The one on the bottom is 12 inches.

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