November 15 – Joe Pool Lake

Another late trip due to wind and cool temps.  I couldn’t remember why I took today off over a month ago, so I decided to go for a paddle up the creek.  Too windy to try the trees in the middle of the lake.  I found crappie all up and down the creek using road runners.  Saw another yakker in the creek, but I did not get his name. 

I found another stump that I normally pass that had two big ones and a few small ones.  I’m starting to understand where these crappie hang out. 

On a sad note, I lost my little $5 dehooker that has saved so many road runners.  I’ll replace it, and remove the flimsy string that came with it and use a larger piece of small rope I have left over from the anchor trolley I made. 

Got a nice picture of the sunset while I was leaving.



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