August 27 2016 – Walnut Creek – Joe Pool Lake

Started the day jigging for crappie with cut shad.  The bite was very light, but I managed to catch a few.  That new rod I bought has a little too much flex in the tip. I caught a few more small ones, but couldn’t get the quick hook set I normally get.  I had to sort through a bunch of little ones.

Caught a white bass while casting out a road runner and slowly reeling back in.  I couldn’t find any catfish, so I called it a day.


August 14 2016 – Walnut Creek – Joe Pool Lake

Started out jigging for crappie with pieces of cut shad.  Caught two keepers at the mouth of the creek. Paddled up the creek and threw cut shad attached to a small bobber.  Got a small bass to bite, but nothing else.

Caught several small cats using the secret 7 catfish bait.  I can’t seem to locate the big ones in the creek anymore.  Threw the weightless senko and caught a small bass. Pulled the bass over the boat while setting the hook.

It was a slow day overall, but got in some casting practice with my baitcast rod.