July 13 2011 – Joe Pool Lake – Walnut Creek

Water levels continue to decrease at Joe Pool.  I still have a clear path to the creek, but the water level is getting low all around.  I got in the water around 7am, and noticed the water seemed to be a bit colder than usual.  My FF said it was 89.6 degrees, but it felt much cooler.  I decided to stay in pretty much one area and fish all around it.

I caught a 4.5 pound bass on the opposite side of the treeline in shallow water using a plastic worm.  I usually don’t even fish that side of the creek.  It was sitting in front of a tree that was sticking up in about 4 feet of water.  I got my usual gills and greenies along the tree line with my fly rod, and I also got my first crappie on the fly.  It hit my favorite black wooly bugger. (I tied it myself.)

Caught two more bass on the worm sitting next to stumps in 7-9 feet near the tree line.  I got out of there around 11:30 am to avoid the high winds and heat that were expected this afternoon.

I crept up on two large carp in about two feet of water opposite the tree line.  I couldn’t stop my Yak in time, so I spooked them and they ran off.  I think I’ll throw that bugger in the the shallows next time.



July 11, 2011 – Huffines Park

 First the water was light blue, now it’s dark green.  I could not find a fish in the west pond. (closest to the gym.)

I caught over thirty small greenies in the center pond.  I’m starting to wonder if they removed the fish from the west pond, and are planning on putting something else in.  Time will tell.

I stopped by after work, so I had just over an hour to fish.  It wasn’t too hot, but a little windy.  Caught all fish on a small popper.


July 10, 2011 – Bethany Lakes

 It’s Sunday, around 7pm and I relaxing watching TV.  My son says he wants to go to Allen to fish.  (About a 35 minute drive.) Well he’s 6’1 240 and I thougt we should go ahead and make the trip.  I took my 6 wt and a popper and caught a few random bluegills and greenies.

My son had his banjo minnow again, but only caught one bluegill. Wind was a little heavy at first, but it died down.  We caught all fish in the center pond with the white wall.