April 26, 2014 – Lancaster and Huffines Park.

20+mph winds outside, so I couldn’t take my yak out to the lake.  I wanted to do a little fishing, so I headed out to Lancaster park.  The bluegills are in the shallows, and they were hitting the little white popper I was throwing with my fly rod.

This bass was hiding in the grass behind the gills.

A large bass took the white popper down and snapped the line.  I had to switch over to a yellow popper after that.  Caught just over thirty bluegills and a small bass.

Headed out to Huffines Park in Richardson next.  The wind was to high for the middle and east ponds, so I just stayed at the west pond near the gym.  The wind was behind me, so I used the roll cast to reach the fish that were on the opposite (north) bank.

The pond is full of green sunfish that will hit the popper as soon as it hits the water.  I stopped counting after 30.

This fat greenie put up a good fight, but I got him in.

September 28, 2013 – Walnut Creek – Joe Pool Lake.

Made a quick run over to Joe Pool to check for crappie.  Caught a few small ones while jigging stumps.  The water had cleared up from the rain last week, but I couldn’t find a large number of fish in any one location.  Found a few small bass and bluegills where I expected to find crappie.

Water temps were 77 degrees.  Rain was forecast for the afternoon, so I planned to leave around noon.  Well at 2pm I noticed a dark cloud coming in from the west.  I was only five minutes away from my car.

Then Boom!!!  Rain started pouring down.  I had to paddle to the car while getting soaked.  I was in a small cove, so I wasn’t too worried.  As soon as I get to the shore, the rain stops. Figures…