August 6, 2016 – Walnut Creek – Joe Pool Lake

Got an early start at the lake and found more shad in the shallow water where I launch.  I guess they are returning, since the flooded waters are going down. I threw my cast net six times, and it opened to a good circle five times.   Got a few shad that were the size of small bluegills.

Jigged a small tree in the creek for about two minutes, then noticed the limbs were moving on the other side.  A large snake was in the tree with his head down near the water.  I got out of there.

I anchored up where I found some good structure on the fish finder. I caught a very nice bass with a senko.

I caught a few mud cats, two channels, and not much else.  I tried the cut shad and some dip baits.  I did manage to catch a small crappie while tossing a road runner around.

So, I decided to make one more cast before I left, and got a small bass sitting next to the shore.  This one was caught on a road runner.

Video here.

September 28, 2014 – Walnut Creek – Joe Pool Lake

After months of high wind, heat, and a busy work schedule, I was able to go out fishing.  Water temps were 78 – 80 degrees. Winds were very light, and it was cloudy all day. Water was a little stained, but not too dark.

I took my crappie gear and headed over to the creek. Caught a bunch of 8 inch crappie while checking stumps and stick ups.  I did manage to get 7 keepers all well over 10 inches.

The crappie did not want to chase any baits, I fan casted several areas with a road runner.  I took the same road runner and jigged near a few stumps and started getting hits.  The bite was very light, so I think I missed a few.

Ran into a couple on kayaks as I was leaving.  The man had run on top of a stump and was stuck.  I was thinking how no one is ever around when I get stuck on a stump and I wind up having to dive in to get free.  I tried not to laugh as I went over to help. I had him scoot towards the front of his yak while his wife pulled from the front, and I pushed from the back.   We got him free after two tries.

October 7, 2013 – Walnut Creek

Went out to the creek to check for crappie. Water temp was 76 degrees and water was still a little dirty. Found a few bass with the spinner bait and a few crappie on road runners. All of the crappie were small, and I couldn’t seem to find a bunch in one area.

I wanted to try out a slip float today, so I rigged up one of my small rods with a slip float and put on a chartruese/white bobby garland baby shad. I caught a nice bass with it and a few small crappie.

Slip float bass.

Slip float crappie.