October 11, 2011 Joe Pool Lake

Went to Loyd Park for a few hours. Temps were in the low 80’s and the winds were around 5mph.  Put in near the swimming area so I could paddle to the trees on the other side of the lake.  I found fish on my fish finder, but couldn’t get them to bite.

I paddled towards a brush pile that is now visible due to low water.  I caught a small bass and a white bass while trolling around 400 ft from the brush pile using a crank bait.

Paddled back into walnut creek to check the water levels.   The water was a little higher, and the entrance to the creek is now fully passable.  The water was a light brown color, which usually happens after any rain.  It will take a few days for that to clear up, so I didn’t expect to catch anything.

Found a few small crappie and on greenie while looking around. I didn’t paddle to far because the fish don’t usally bite too well when the water is that brown color.  I paddled back past the brush pile and hooked something, but it got off before I could reach my rod.


October 1, 2011 – Joe Pool Lake

Temps were in the low 80s, water temp was around 77 degrees.  I went out to the trees across the lake looking for crappie.  I’ve figured out how to locate them using my fish finder.  Just paddle close to any trees or trunks looking for fish.  I caught one in about 8ft with a chartruese/blue road runner.

I was going to move to another location, but I looked up and noticed around six bass boats in the area.  I normally fish during the week with no other boats in the area.  I decided to paddle down to walnut creek for awhile. Entrance to the creek is just about a foot deep.  Caught a small bass on a road runner just past the entrance sitting next to a log.  Caught a large crappie while trolling a small white crank bait.  I MISSED a large bass on my small rod using 4lb line and a chartruese/blue road runner.

Didn’t find any bluegills with my flyrod, the water must be too low for them.